Surge Protection in Cary

Take the guesswork out of calculating the capacity of each component that makes up your unique electrical infrastructure. At Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC., we know how important it is to get commercial grade surge protection devices designed and installed perfectly the first time. Each year, millions of dollars in damage occurs to unprotected businesses who have failed to shield expensive technology, machines, appliances and communications wiring from unpredictable, yet inevitable blasts of extremely high voltage energy.

Save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out if your insurance covers property that has not been equipped with a standard commercial grade surge protector. Ask a licensed electrician from our reputable team in person, about how we can meet your budgetary and energy management goals without sacrificing quality and compliance with all electrical code and safety regulations.

How Does a Commercial Surge Protector Shield my Investment?

While improvements are being made to the national power grid on a constant basis, it is a well-known that there are still a number of faults that allow large doses of energy to sneak into your premises, overloading your regular wirings capacity and causing breakers and fuses to blow. Mega blasts of electricity are severely damaging to the highly calibrated, sensitive equipment you rely on to keep your bottom line intact. Here are some of the ways we can stop this energy from wreaking any havoc by safely diverting excess electricity into a certified grounded source:

  1. Implementing an industrial surge protector at the electrical entry and exit points to filter out surges where your commercial cabling meets lines powered by local utilities.
  2. Adding a surge protector to your main panels to prevent internal surges from travelling through to other machines and critical systems.
  3. Surge protector breaker installs keep spikes in power created internally localized to one zone, before channeling them out to the ground.
  4. Large appliance surge protectors protect individual equipment from causing interruptions in regular power flow. Examples of this type of equipment are arc welders and automotive manufacturing machinery.
  5. A single outlet surge protector replaces unreliable power bars and protects specific equipment like computers right at the source.

Certified Surge Protection Installation

Without the training, experience, and advanced tools of a trained expert electrician, it’s nearly impossible, if not extremely time consuming, to try to calculate the capacities of each individual piece of machinery, electrical component and grounding device on your own. We employ a hand-selected set of top professionals who know commercial power surge protector provisions inside and out. We are proud to share that we are up to date with all safety and training certifications, licensing, insurance and bonding. Our thorough knowledge of local electrical codes and best installation practices allow us to move through your install quickly making sure everything is perfectly set up, and tested for compliance once we are complete.

Don’t wait until there are hundreds or hundreds of thousands of volts coursing through the electrical veins of your investment. Call Cary’s leading commercial surge protection company to book your appointment for a free consultation today.