Water Heater Installation in Cary

The luxury of hot water is something we often take for granted until it is suddenly gone, leaving you with the potential for unhappy clients and the risk of health hazards and unexpended downtime. Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC. are Cary’s solution to seamless commercial water heater installation. With decades of combined experience serving clients in a number of local sectors, we have the certifications, training, depth of knowledge and innovation to replace, repair, maintain or upgrade any industrial or commercial water heating source and infrastructure.

Our attention to detail, value pricing, courteous service, and guaranteed quality products reflect our commitment to your total satisfaction. Ask us about how we can help you to expedite the permitting process by assisting you with paperwork and site preparations.

Innovative Electric Water Heater Installation Customized to Your Business

Typically, there are no two businesses with identical hot water consumption patterns, so we believe there is really no one size fits all solution to electric water heater installation. Each property differs in function, dimension, power source, allotted budget, and building management goals. For this reason, we tailor your water heater installation experience to your needs exactly. A free consultation will allow us to assess your infrastructure and get to know the fine detail of your operational requirements. Once we’ve done this, we can customize an actionable install schedule and quotation that moves your project forward on time— and on budget.

If you, tenants, or your staff are experiencing any of the following water heating problems, get in touch with our expert technicians for trouble-shooting and fast resolution:

  1. Lack of hot water, or water that is not reaching the desired temperature.
  2. Dark or rust-colored water.
  3. Liquid that has an off or foul smell.
  4. You notice flooding around the tank.
  5. Lack of water pressure.
  6. Strange noises are coming from inside the tank.
  7. There is corrosion on any part of the tank or components.
  8. Increased energy bills without an increase in usage.

Regular maintenance and inspections prolong the lifetime of every variety of electric and commercial tankless water heater.  We recommended employing a licensed specialist to inspect water heating devices at least once a year. This will help you anticipate and plan for any repairs or replacements before problems put your investment at risk.

We Have Perfected Tankless Water Heater Installation

Going tankless is a modern solution to the limitations of tank based hot water heating methods used in Cary in the past. With the potential for a number of different power sources, including; electricity, gas, natural gas, propane, and oil, you can cut energy expenses (over the long term) while enjoying instant hot water—on demand! Though tankless water heater installation can require a larger investment upfront, there are many rewarding benefits exclusive to this technology. These include:

  1. Instant hot water—whenever you need it.
  2. Zero waste. No time, energy or tanks are involved in keeping water hot when it’s not in use (like overnight).
  3. No potential for disastrous floods due to tank deterioration and aging connections.
  4. Save room. You can repurpose this space to grow your business any way you want!

Call Cary’s licensed, insured, and top recommended commercial water heater installation team to discover ways to save time and money— without cutting any corners.