Water Heater Replacements in Cary

Running out of a critical resource like hot water is hard on the smooth operations of any

Cary business. Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC. has spent many years working with commercial, industrial, tenant based, and industrial businesses, providing quick, affordable trouble-shooting, hot water heater repair, and commercial water heater replacement options. Our goal is to discover ways to align your goal and budget with forward-thinking energy management and water heater service that puts your needs first.

Solving Hot Water Heater Problems 24/7

We are licensed hot water tank replacement specializes with years of experience engineering customized solutions issues with water and electrical systems of all types. The depth of our training and licensing spans commercial units of virtually every brand, and includes electric tanks and tankless systems powered by gas, propane, natural gas, and oil. The following is a short list we have compiled of some of the most frequently occurring hot water heater problems:

  1. A hot water heater leaking is a sure sign you will need to call in a professional before further damage or risk of injury and health hazards can occur.
  2. Flooding around the tank could mean there is a problem with pressure valves and connections, or could indicate the need for an upgraded tank or system because of a hole or corrosion.
  3. Cold or lukewarm water has replaced the usual hot stream.
  4. There is no hot water at all.
  5. Loud, new, or strange noises are coming from tanks or any part of your water warming system.
  6. Running out of hot water during peak use happens more frequently.
  7. Increased energy expenses.
  8. Heater’s thermostat isn’t properly calibrated, and the water is too hot.
  9. You notice a milky consistency, discoloration or a foul smell.
  10. The pilot light is out.
  11. Burner flame is weak.

If you are experiencing any of these gas, propane, oil, or electric hot water heater problems—or something completely different, call our 24-hour emergency line for immediate assistance. We’ll send a fully equipped, certified professional out right away (at your request), and help you determine what the next steps are to keep your clients, staff, tenants, and investment safe in the meantime.  

The Pros of Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heater installation has significantly changed the way Cary businesses heat water resources and address rising electricity and environmental costs. A tankless model differs from its bulky predecessor in many ways, but it is most well known for being able to produce unlimited hot water—only as needed. These systems can be powered by electricity, propane, gas, natural gas and oil, and are a space saving solution to the wasted resources spent heating a massive commercial hot tank day and night, even when during periods of little or no demands. To find out exactly how much you could save over the long-term, invite us in for a free consultation. We’ll crunch the numbers based on your specific infrastructure.

Call us now to request a free quote from a commercial water heater replacement team who goes above and beyond to make your experience with us the best in Cary.