In Floor Heating in Cary

Warming up floors adds so much extra value to your Cary business. From providing the luxury of never having cold feet, to the ability to maintain the perfect climate in the room, Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC. are your cost-efficient in-floor heating authorities. We have perfected the design, engineering, and installation processes by offering free consultations that allow us to really get to know your business and infrastructure in fine detail. We’ll work within your budgetary requirements to develop a radiant heating system that is tailored to suit your individual needs.

High-Quality Radiant Floor Heating for Less

Whether you are using a boiler, water heater, gas, or electricity to power your radiant floor heating, we give you the best pricing on the best value on design, installs, quality products, and customer service. Our dedication to your complete satisfaction is replicated in our commitment to keeping rates competitive without cutting any corners.

Electric Floor Heating Options are Budget Friendly 

Loved most for its versatility, simplicity and low upfront expense, electric floor heating is the most popular way to add heat to practically and surface. While it’s not practical for a whole building warming approach, electric underfloor heating is especially useful in the kitchen, bathrooms, and newly added spaces.

How Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Installation is Changing the Way We Heat Businesses

Your businesses commercial energy management plan can be revolutionized hydronic radiant floor heating installation.  Hot water in-floor heating not only cuts your energy expenses significantly, it also allows you to control the temperature of the entire room. Advancements in underfloor heating installation mean PEX piping is now used to circulate water through tubes beneath the floor. This water is heated up by your current boiler or water heating system, or one or more stand alone water heaters can be dedicated to this task. While it is initially costlier to install, the energy savings and very little required maintenance mean your investment will retain value and function long-term, and your power bills will be significantly lower. At no cost to you, we’ll help you calculate exactly how much you will save by installing radiant floor heating options tailored to you.

Heated Tile Floor and So Much More

There is nothing worse than stepping on cold tile with bare feet, or worse having clients get out of the pool or spa to a frozen cold surface beneath their feet. A heated tile floor holds infuses comfort into practically any Cary commercial setting, but if you’re looking for heated floors covered by other materials—we’ve got you covered. Our experience installing radiant floor heating beneath concrete, natural stone, laminate, floating floors, on the second (or multiple) levels, and in other custom surfaces like outdoor patios, has made us masters of project management. Your project will start and finish on time, and on budget, guaranteed.

Call us to set up your free consultation today. We look forward to helping you discover energy efficient and cost-friendly ways to implement in-floor heating on your Cary premises—hassle free.