Commercial Rewiring Service in Durham

Your Durham business relies heavily on the power that runs through wires buried in walls, ceilings, floors, and deep underground outside. Problems with outdated or improperly installed wiring can cause a number of hazards and issues like; risk of fire, electrocution, shock, burns, malfunctioning equipment, damaged machinery, power outages, and data loss. The thought of undertaking any commercial rewiring service on your own can be daunting. To prevent avoidable injury, damage, or downtime, it is important to address bad wiring right away. Remove the risk and worry from the process by partnering with Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC.. We are the local commercial electrical contractors you can count on to engineer design and installation plans that put your best interests first.

When to Replace an Electrical Wiring System or Component

While electricity has the ability to power your business, presenting your clients and employees with a safe comfortable atmosphere, it also has the potential for serious harm. It may seem like a good idea to save a couple of dollars by hiring a less experienced general handyman in the beginning. However, without the proper training, licensing, tools, and knowledge of the current electrical building codes it will be virtually impossible for you (or them) to know if they’ve done it right. The following is a list we’ve compiled of top reasons commercial businesses should consider replacing or upgrading wires:

  1. Breakers keep tripping
  2. Machines are not running at full power
  3. Lights flicker when multiple appliances or machinery runs at the same time
  4. Wiring has not been inspected for a long time and the system is aging
  5. You are upgrading machines or installing new appliances
  6. Pool or water feature installation
  7. Changes to lighting
  8. Work station setups
  9. Telecommunications and data cabling trouble shooting
  10. Outlets stop working
  11. Implementing fire alarms and security systems

Fast Turnarounds on Quality Electrical Rewiring Services

Regular maintenance, repairs and annual inspections are the best ways to prevent possible disaster. To protect your investment and remain in compliance with electrical code, it’s really important to have an accredited commercial electrician perform any electrical rewiring services. Improper installation or misunderstanding changes made to code legislation can have a devastating impact on your business. From avoiding the potential for fire, electrocution and severe injury, to keeping all appliances and machinery running perfectly, we’ve got the tools and training to design and implement cost saving solutions for companies operating in a variety of industries, which include:

  • Hotels
  • Rental properties
  • Offices (low rise, medium and high-rise)
  • Schools, universities, and educational facilities
  • Dental and medical offices
  • Fire stations
  • Call Centers
  • Government buildings
  • Private residences
  • New builds
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Warehouses
  • Community centers
  • Shopping plazas
  • Food handling facilities
  • Restaurants

Set start and finish dates and lightning fast turnaround times help you keep your project running on time and on budget. We are easy to get ahold of when you need us, and we are always on time for all work and appointments scheduled with you.

Budgeting for Electrical Wiring Installation

To keep your Durham property in top condition, examining the wiring that supports your business is the best way to make sure it can handle whatever you intend to throw at it. Without the support of an experienced electrical wiring installation team, this process can be painful, time consuming and expensive. Keep your costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality craftsmanship, prompt service and exceptional expertise.

Call our Durham office today to set up an appointment to consult with our top rated commercial rewiring service—at no cost to you.