Water Heater Replacements in Durham

For many years, Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC. has provided streamlined commercial water heater replacement, diagnostics, repairs, and customized maintenance services to businesses located in and around Durham. Our experience has lead us to deeply understand how devastating problems with a lack of hot water can be to any organization who relies on a consistent source hot water for prosperity. When water heating components or tanks malfunction (or cease to meet changes in demand) client comfort, production, and your ability to meet health and safety regulations can really suffer. We have the energy efficient products, fast turnarounds, and affordable pricing you need to implement smart solutions that will prevent further damages right away.

Qualified Hot Water Heater Repair 24/7

Gas, electric, and propane powered hot water heater problems can arise at any time. Our licensed personnel respond to your calls for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as you give us your location, a courteous, uniformed professional will be dispatched. To serve you better, (and faster) each of our work vehicles is equipped with top of the line replacement parts and all the advanced tools and high-tech equipment we need to restore function to your hot waterways in no time.  We can also help by adding value and guaranteed craftsmanship to any:

  • Piping repairs
  • Radiator repairs
  • Isolation valve replacements
  • Recirculating pump troubleshooting and upgrades
  • Tank inspections
  • Water heating element repair and replacement
  • Tankless repairs on gas, propane, electric, and natural gas models
  • Water thermostat recalibration

Budget-Friendly Water Heater Service

As a leading local water heater service, we are proud to offer outstanding turnarounds, top quality products and brands, and exceptional customer satisfaction. We take our responsibility for the quality of your experience with us very seriously. Whether we are performing an inspection, consultation, full replacement or retrofit, we’ll customize a solution that puts your needs first—without breaking the bank.

Top Signs That Will Tell You if You Need a Hot Water Tank Replacement

Is your hot water heater leaking? This is probably the number one most alarming indication that will tell you a hot water tank replacement is necessary. Failure to ignore the warning signals your systems are giving can have catastrophic consequences. Here are some of the most frequently experienced hot water heater problems that will require expert attention to fix, upgrade, or replace:

  1. There are leaks in the tank.
  2. There is no hot water or water is way too hot.
  3. Water is murky, discolored or foul smelling.
  4. Faulty thermostat.
  5. Valve and pressure problems
  6. Pilot light is out.
  7. Energy bills are increasing.
  8. Supply is not meeting demand.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Options Save Money Long Term

If you are running out of space at your current Durham location, or space is at a premium, but you need a vast and very reliable source of instant hot water to serve your customers better, consider tankless water heater installation. Your initial investment may be more compared to the lumbering tank models, but the reduction in energy consumption over the long term is where you will really save. Give us the opportunity to get to know the specifics of your infrastructure in detail during a free consultation. An in-person assessment will allow us to crunch the numbers with you to discover the best model for your unique goals and budget.

Call us now to book an appointment to consult with Durham’s leading innovators in commercial water heater replacement.