Electrical Heating in Durham

As electricians working in Durham, you don't have to tell us how important a proper heating system is come wintertime—we know firsthand how cold this town can get!

As a Durham business or homeowner, a big question you have to ask yourself is whether to choose electrical or natural gas for your heating solution. A significant portion of energy consumption comes from how you decide to heat your home or office. It’s a big decision and your selection will have a major impact on your monthly bill.

At Burnett Electrical Contracting, we have a solid track record of providing Durham residents with the installation and maintenance of electrical heating solutions that fit their needs and budget. Electrical heating is a more environmentally sound alternative compared to natural gas, and often ends up being much more affordable than the latter.

Emergency Repairs and Support

Whether you want to protect yourself from potential carbon monoxide leaks; or simply make sure your unit is working to the best of its ability. Give Burnett Electrical Contracting a call today and schedule an inspection.

Has your electrical heating system called it quits? Worry not, Burnett Electrical Contracting can find you an affordable replacement. With our 24/7 emergency support service, you'll never be left out in the cold again. Our friendly and reliable staff will be there when you need us the most, ready to address any issue your system is having.

Electrical Heating Solutions for Durham Homes and Businesses

Burnett Electrical Contracting has extensive experience handling projects of all sizes in Durham.

We can help you with nearly everything, from small wall mounted heaters suited for tinier apartments to electrical heating systems designed to keep entire office buildings warm.

Burnett Electrical Contracting recommends regular maintenance work on your electrical heating system to prevent it from breaking down or not functioning to its fullest. Yearly checkups are an essential part of owning an electrical heating system, and with Burnett Electrical Contracting competitive prices you can own a well-maintained system without breaking the bank.

Customizable and Affordable Heating

With a reputation for customer care that consistently goes above and beyond, and an extensive catalogue of brand name heating systems priced affordably, Burnett Electrical Contracting has your heating needs covered.

We offer a comprehensive range of products that are suited to any Durham property. Whether you're the owner of a single floor home or a multi-level office complex we're bound to have that affordable, electrical heating solution you're looking for.

Call Burnett Electrical Contracting Today

With an electrical heating system from Burnett Electrical Contracting, cold winter nights will be a thing of the past. No matter how big or small your property is, Burnett Electrical Contracting is committed to finding the perfect heating system that's best for your needs and budget, and with our expert touch your new unit will be up and running in no time flat.

Beat the crowds by calling Burnett Electrical Contracting today, and stay toasty warm no matter how low the temperature goes.