Surge Protection in Raleigh

Is your Raleigh business equipped with the right commercial surge protection to stand up to thousands of volts trying to enter your building? Do you have the right insurance coverage to replace expensive high-tech equipment and data and telecommunications cabling in the event that a lightning strike or a surge from a downed power line affects you? Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC. have spent years developing customized commercial surge suppressor solutions for local organizations in a variety of industries. These include:

  • Large data centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Executive offices
  • Business headquarters
  • Retail stores and shopping plazas
  • Recreation centers
  • Community spaces

What Does a Commercial Surge Protector Do?

Designed to keep your specialty machinery, lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, security, data and telecommunications systems intact, a commercial surge protector is the answer to moving large batches of electricity safely away from sensitive equipment. Professional surge protector installation in the following key areas will defend your investment against unavoidable high voltage electrical currents now—and in the long term:

  1. Commercial grade surge protector implementation at the buildings electrical entry and exit points (where you connect to local utilities).
  2. Panel and breaker commercial grade surge protection devices to localize and mitigate internal disturbances in electrical current.
  3. Large appliance surge protection for all equipment that may draw or produce jolts in your regular internal power flow.
  4. Installing a single outlet surge protector to accommodate a specific machine or workstation.

A Custom Commercial Power Surge Protector System Eliminates External and Internal Threats

External surges generated from problems with the national power grid, striking lightning, and disruptions on adjacent properties can be directed safely away from the expensive infrastructure that keeps your business functioning. That is the first layer in your industrial surge protector defense system, but what about internal power surges that occur within your own system? To eliminate repeated damage caused over time, we’ll create a zoning system that uses surge protector breaker technology to remove excess voltage before electricity can move through to the next zone.

The last level of defense is localized to industrial appliances and work stations that have the potential to cause surges, like arc welders, automotive manufacturing machines and hospital equipment. To keep these expensive systems working in top condition, we recommend adding outlet surge protection right at the source.

A Highly Accredited and Licensed Electrician With a Reputation for Top Results

Engineering a commercial power surge protector layout that addresses your Raleigh buildings energy management infrastructure in great detail, is a job best left to a licensed electrician with years of experience and certifications. Without impeccable project coordination and pristine implementation, you could be dealing with long wait times and sub-quality work that could cost your even more than hiring an electrician from our expert team would.

We are Raleigh’s bonded, insured, licensed and safety certified commercial surge protection pros. Call us now to book a consultation and free estimation whenever is convenient for you.