Water Heater Replacements in Raleigh

Losing a valuable resource like hot water can have a detrimental impact on your client’s experience with your Raleigh company. Burnett Electrical Contracting, LLC. respond to gas, oil, propane, natural gas, and electric hot water heater problems with low-cost solutions that are guaranteed. We offer regular and 24-hour hot water tank replacement, maintenance, trouble-shooting and comprehensive hot water heater repair for every commercial, industrial and institutional hot water heating component. A hot water heater leaking is the last thing you want your guests, employees and stakeholders to have to navigate alone. Connect with a licensed technical expert with decades of combined experience for a fast, long-lasting resolution that won’t break your budget.

Fast Answers to the Top Hot Water Heater Problems Facing Local Businesses

Discovering hot water heating problems can turn a great business day into a stressful disaster. Even perfectly engineered products and installation can run into issues without regular inspection and general upkeep. Failure to retrofit or upgrade aging infrastructure to match current demands is at the top of the list for being the root cause of the most common and avoidable hot water heater problems. Others include:

  1. No hot water at all
  2. Water temperature is to high or too low
  3. Faulty thermostats
  4. Loss of water pressure
  5. Pooling water around tanks
  6. Weak ignition flame
  7. Pilot light is out
  8. Pressure valves need to be replaced
  9. Elements are burned out or defunct due to residue buildup
  10. Corrosion or holes in the tank or system components
  11. System does not meet current electrical and building code requirements
  12. The water is murky or gives off a bad smell
  13. The tank or any part of the water heater is making loud banging noises.

Five Good Reasons to Consider Tankless Water Heater Installation

Can your Cary organization benefit from tankless water heater installation that will provide you with unlimited hot water whenever you need it? Although tankless systems require a larger investment upfront, long-term cost savings through energy use reduction and elimination of waste have made them a popular choice for multi-tenant buildings like hotels, hospitals and condos. Commercial entities that are reliant on hot water for production can also enjoy many benefits which include:

  1. Hot water that is heated instantly— as needed.
  2. Space savings. Think of all the space you will be able to repurpose for use that will benefit your bottom line when you don’t have to consider where to hide an industrial sized water holding tank.
  3. Energy efficiency reduces fuel costs.
  4. No more wasted resources heating a large body of water all day, night, and during non-business hours.
  5. Significantly lower risk of flooding.

Give our Raleigh office a call now to schedule an appointment with our top rated commercial water heater replacement and maintenance specialists. We look forward to meeting with you in person to discover opportunities to reduce your energy and project expenses without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.